Our Chicago Trip

We took a trip to Chicago!


  On the way we drove through Indiana, saw the Indianapolis 500 Speedway and lots of windmills


We visited the Navy Pier and looked at the skyline and Lake Michigan from the big ferris wheel,
visited a futuristic McDonald's, ate ice cream, and saw fireworks



The next day we went to the Field Museum, saw the biggest T. Rex ever found, saw bones from our ancestor "Lucy"
went to the planetarium and saw a moon rock.
We also got a great view of the Chicago skyline.



We ate real Chicago style pizza before heading to the top of the Willis Tower.
(previously the Sears Tower)
The views were amazing, plus you could stand in a glass box
leaning out over the edge of the observation deck.


Mom and Katie took her dolls to the American Girl store to get freshened up


While Dad and Cameron saw the Reds play the Cubs at Wrigley field
(with classic obstructed view seats.)



We had dinner at the famous Ed Debevic's diner. The wait staff are comically known for being insulting and dismissive.
(They also dance on tables.)
Katie got a birthday treat too!


By the end Katie and Cameron were veterans of the "El" train.

Dad even got to visit the National Baseball Card Show
He got autographs from Randy Johnson, Bert Blyleven, and Cal Ripken, Jr.


We finished with a visit to the Cheesecake Factory
where Katie got another birthday treat