Fall 2012


  We have had a busy fall...

Cameron turned 9!!!


he got lots of presents and had friends over to celebrate.

Katie and Cameron are taking karate!


   They are getting good with practice.

  We travelled to Washington DC for Thanksgiving!


We stayed with friends and had a great dinner.


We saw our friends Amanda and Robin, as well as Shaun and Dylan.


  We took a tour of the Capitol and saw lots of statues.
(Including one of Ohio's statues, the marble one in the middle, that is being replaced.)

Some were representing different states,
like Jack Swigert (Colorado) or Helen Keller (Alabama).


Others were just historically signifcant Americans,
like Martine Luther King Jr. and Sojourner Truth.


Or were models of the statue on top of the dome!

We went to the Newseum and got a great view.


We also got to try our hand at being TV reporters.


We stopped by the White House too.


On our drive to DC we stopped to visit the Flight 93 memorial.


We know Christmas is getting closer as Cameron's school hosted Santa and the Winter Wonderland.
Katie even got to play her flute.