Fall 2013  

Fall is upon us and school is back.


First day excitement and pictures.


Katie became a teenager!


she also changed her hair color!!!


  Katie and Cameron both had fun at the anime and sci-fi convention.
Lots of fun costumes (including Doctor Who characters.)

Katie has moved up a level and has a new soccer team.

Sometimes it can really wear her out.

  She did the face-painting for the neighborhood picnic.


Cameron and Dad went bowling.

We took a trip to Cedar Point


We arrived in the evening.

Cameron rode his first real roller-coaster, the Blue Streak.
And he liked it!

Katie and Dad rode the biggest coaster, Millennium Force.


And they really liked it.


We saw the sights from the sky-ride and the ferris wheel.


It was Halloweekends so all the characters were dressed up in costumes.
Snoopy and the Peanuts gang were doing the Wizard of Oz.