Fall Fun

We have done a lot this fall!


  We went to the Renaissance Festival!
Cameron was Link from Legend of Zelda, Katie was a fancy fairy.


We saw jousting.


We had a neighborhood picnic.

Katie brushed up on her Karaoke skills.


Cameron played soccer (sometimes.)


Cameron and Katie started a new school year.
2nd grade for Cameron and 6th grade for Katie!


Cameron does like to play basketball (sometimes.)


Katie learns knitting at a Girl Scout meeting.

And checked out campus (perhaps a bit early.)

Cameron had another eye procedure.


Similar to when he was 18 months old, Cameron had a visit to Children's Hospital to have his eyes worked on.
He has Strabismus (a crossing of the eyes)
He needed a slight procedure to align his eyes more exactly.

The hospital staff were very nice.
Cameron put up with everything very well.
He was home by lunchtime.
His eye will be bloodshot for a week or longer.
We have to wait and see how his eye responds to the procedure.