We were tourists in Washington DC!


  Our friend Aleck took us to the Smithsonian Annex at Dulles.
They had lots of planes and spacecraft there, including the Space Shuttle Enterprise.

They also had the Enola Gay bomber.

Another day we rode Metro downtown.


We were first in line at the National Archives.
We saw the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.   

Then we rode the tour bus and saw the sights.


The new Ford's Theatre and the house where Lincoln died.

Occupy DC had a pretty big spot staked out.


The FBI building and Spy Museum.


The Newseum and Union Station.

The Capitol.


We saw the new Martin Luther King Jr. memorial.
(It was very crowded.)

The main statue was surrounded with King's quotes.


We walked up to the Lincoln Memorial and look out over the Mall.
(The reflecting pool was drained!)


We then walked through the Vietnam War Memorial and the World War II Memorial.

As the sun set we checked out the Washington Monument and the White House.
We stuck around long enough to see a motorcade!
(We think it might have been President Obama.)

 We spent a morning in Old Town Alexandria.

And saw the old Torpedo Factory on the waterfront (now an art center)

We toured our own personal DC places too.

American University where Mom and Dad first met!

The house on Macomb near AU. Dad rented an apartment in the basement for his first year in DC.


The UU Church where Mom and Dad got married.

Sibley Hospital where Katie was born!

 Katie's daycare center in Alexandria.

And our townhouse in Alexandria where we lived before moving to Ohio.

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