Winter 2017


It is funny that Katie is taller than Cameron sitting down,
but Cameron is taller than Katie when standing.
(All of Katie's height is in her torso, while Cameron has much longer legs.)

We visited Grandma Hall in Florida for Christmas!


There isn't many pine trees in Florida so we decorated as best we could.
Everybody enjoyed opening presents on Christmas morning.


Katie helped keep Grandma standing up straight.


  We enjoyed eating at Grandma's place.

She lives in a great place to take a walk in the evenings.


Everybody likes to eat out a lot in Florida


We stayed at a great condo with a view of the beach.

There was also a pool.


Dad enjoyed swimming (floating) in the pool with the kids.


We love spending time with Grandma Hall.


We also spent a day at Universal Studios theme park.


Harry Potter world was a popular section of the park.


Mom and Dad had a great time too.

We enjoyed a lot of beautiful sunsets.

  Still it was a long drive to get home.