Katie Year One


From one day old to one year old!

My First Birthday (parties in OH and at home)

Playing at Home (mid-July)

Fourth of July on the National Mall

I visited Akron for Memorial Day

I'm standing! (mid June)

My Great Grandma Collins is 90!

Having fun at home (early June)

I'm sitting at nine months (May 7th)

Visit my daycare

In March I visited my Mom's family in FL

I'm eating solid food (at 7months)

Here I am at six months (Feb. 7th)

See me eat, nap, and talk! (Dec. 30th)

Here I am at Christmas

It's my Mom's Birthday, so I lifted my head

Here I am at four months (Dec. 7)

Halloween and Election Day

Birthday Wishes for Uncle Fitz and Grandma Collins

Click here to see me in the park and at home

Click here to see me smile and yawn

I'm a Cleveland Browns Fan

Click here to see me in the bath

Click here to see me around the house

Click here to see my family roots

Click here to see me eating

  Click here to see pictures from my first day